Roland Hayes, tenor (1887-1977)

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First image: A 440 Records (USA), 12-3                              12" LP
verso: Heritage Records (USA), LP-SS 1204                     12" LP


Musical America Magazine, 15 February 1954


First image: Vanguard Records (USA), VRS 448/49       12" LPs
verso: Vanguard Records (USA), VRS 494                         12" LP


First image: Vanguard Recordings (USA), VRS 494        12" LP
verso: Vanguard Everyman (USA), SRV 352 SD               12" LP

Note: The original issue (1st image) of this recording uses the
Hayes coined term "Aframerican;" the Everyman reissue
(2nd image) changes that word to "Afro-American;" why?
 This politically correct substitution does not connote
Roland Hayes's original musical or cultural intention.

Amadeo Records (Austria), AVRS 6033                            12" LP

Vanguard Records (USA), VRS 7016                                    10" LP