Locating black singers in opera roles 
on complete opera recordings in
The Durbeck Archive

First group of names, in frames:  
       (a)     all of these names are hyperlinked to images of one or more of their
                 solo LP albums in The Durbeck Archive
       (b)     below some of those names is a hyperlink on the word "datalogue" which                     will allow the viewer to see all of the operas in The Durbeck Archive                      which feature these specific singers

Second group of names:  
       Only the hyperlinked names appear on complete opera recordings.

Note: if there is no hyperlink associated with any singer's name, there are no complete          opera recordings in The Durbeck Archive which feature this singer

Sound Clips

Now, see how easy that was?  Enjoy all of the excellent singing included on these sound clips.  Singer entries which include this "animated notes" symbol have sound clips hyperlinked to this entry.  To determine the selection to be heard, and the duration of that sound clip, place the cursor over this symbol for a few moments and a little message box with all of that information will appear for your perusal -- go ahead and try it on this one, now!  If more time is needed to read the full contents of any message box, move the cursor off of the "animated notes" symbol then immediately replace it for a refreshed reading. This action may be repeated as many times as necessary to obtain an extended reading time.  Note:  this message function does not work in Netscape.

To hear that selection, click on the the symbol and wait until the sound file has had time to load and begin playing the recording.  This may be repeated as often as you like.