A Datalogue® Disclaimer

Datalogue® is under construction - a work in progress - and will be for the next several years.  Most of the current entries are in raw database form and have not yet been edited into their final formal style.

Only the Wagner operas have been thusly edited and even now everything is not perfect.  It seems that with every transfer of data from one source (my computer) to another (my ISP), there are elements of formatting which are lost or misread in transition.  The result of which  is that now and then fields, tab settings and spacing are skewed and unsymmetrical, leaving an awkward appearance - BUT all of the entered data is there. 

Datalogue® will updated on a monthly basis and will reflect the daily effort to make uniform all entries.  The Durbeck Archive is constantly acquiring new opera recordings, which will also be included in each monthly update.

Also worthy of note: different browsers, and different versions of different browsers, will profoundly affect the display capabilities of Datalogue® data.  In just about every way, one "size" does not fit all.

Have patience - I'm working as fast as I can!

It's all a matter of time!