An Archive Tour
Strolling the aisles of The Durbeck Archive


The ca. 50,000 LPs of The Durbeck Archive are arranged on 815 linear feet of shelving and are accessible by 103 feet of aisles.   These measurements do not include the shelving of Archive books and videos.   The photos below will offer a general view of a few Archive aisles.  When you have seen one aisle, you pretty much have seen them all.  Enjoy the tour.


portions of the Choral Section
(on the left)
and the 
Classical Vocal Recital Section (straight ahead)

Classical Vocal Recital Section
(on the left) and
Choral Section
(on the right)


the general section of the Archive which features all other aspects of classical vocal music e.g.
symphonies with voice, symphonic with voice; operatic orchestral e.g. preludes, overtures, symphonic syntheses; opera parodies; Hollywood & Broadway items featuring opera singers; some books; ephemera

opera shelves
(on left and straight ahead);
Historical Reissue Section (on the right) featuring virtually complete sets of: Preiser Lebendige Vergangenheit
Court Opera Classics series;
Club "99" series;  Rubini series;
OASI series;
Rococo series; and
all five original pressings of EMI's
"The Record of Singing"  with (believe it or not)
5 autographs!!!

opera shelves on the left and straight ahead; on the right are opera highlights (not from complete sets); Archive supplies and sorting shelves

opera shelves on the left and straight ahead; on the right are albums of classical vocal anthologies and collections

a "fisheye" view of the end of the Classical Vocal Recital shelves (left side)
and a portion of the Choral Section (straight ahead)

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