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Published discographies of complete opera recordings, as a generic entity, are rare. Generally speaking, the most substantial discographies of complete opera recordings are usually found in discographies of individual performers. One of the most recent of this type is the discography of Leonard Warren by Barrett Crawford in the recently published biography of this magnificent American baritone, appropriately entitled: LEONARD WARREN, American Baritone by Mary Jane Phillips-Matz (Portland: Amadeus Press, 2000). There are 471 total pages, of which 112 pages are devoted to the discography. In this type of discography all of the complete opera recordings by Warren are listed regardless of media (78's, 45's, CD's, tapes etc.) and the listings are as thorough as they are informative.

As "broadly limited" as these individual performer discographies can be, there have been only a few attempts made to compile discographies of complete operas as an individual musical art form. Two of the most extensive of these opera discographies are: THE MELLEN OPERA REFERENCE INDEX: Opera Discography; compiled by Charles H. Parsons (Lewiston: Edward Mellen Press, 1990) and IL TEATRO D'OPERA IN DISCO 1950-1987 by Rodolfo Celletti (Milan: Rizzoli, 1988). There are also discographies of individual opera composers e.g., A VERDI DISCOGRAPHY by Marc Taylor Faw (Norman: Pilgrim Books, 1982); discographies of individual opera companies e.g., GLYNDEBOURNE RECORDED by Paul Campion and Rosy Runciman (London: Julia MacRae Books, 1994) and others. While each of these is relatively successful in view of the venue endeavored, still currently missing is a more comprehensive survey of complete opera recordings encompassing the widest possible parameters of the operatic art form from medieval liturgical dramas to the "farthest-out" opera experiments of the 20th Century.  My  Datalogue® will fill this void.   The title of this work is:

Documenting Complete Opera
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