The purpose of this website is to give academics, scholars, students and the general opera loving public access to the database I have created by cataloging the complete operas of The Durbeck Archive. 

This database is:

On various pages of this website, there are many displays of the mass, the magnitude and the dimension of The Durbeck Archive, as well as the myriad sub-collections bordering the periphery of the primary substance of the Archive.  In terms of exponential discographical merit,  the sum of the value of The Durbeck Archive (as an academic, scholarly and even entertainment asset) is greater than the individual parts - virtually without peer.

This website is privately funded and maintained by me, as a courteous public service to the greater opera community of the U.S.A. and the world.  None of the records or books are for sale, nor can they be copied.  This site is for viewing only.

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