The Archive's

" Show and Tell "


The purpose of The Gallery is to display some of the treasures contained within The Durbeck Archive.  Each gallery exhibit will show interesting and unique aspects  of the diverse collections within this Archive and explain the symbiosis of these distinctly individual disciplines.  The intent of each chosen gallery item is to entertain as well as to enlighten.  Every gallery should be fun.


     A Few "Crossover" Albums

     Literary Sources of Opera Libretti

     Opera Singers in the Kitchen      

     Jacket Variations of The Great Caruso Film Soundtrack

     The First Complete Opera on Film in Sound

     Donations and Dedications

     Opera Singers on Broadway

     Opera as a "Pop Music" Influence

     Opera - a Novel approach

     Opera in Parody

     Gilbert and Sullivan Ephemera

     Classical Composers' Autographed LPs

     Black Classically Trained Singers;
            From Negro Spirituals to Opera   

     Léopold Simoneau and Pierrette Alarie:
            An Appreciation      

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